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Subido-Romulo Agreement

by Vasil Popovski

It should be recalled that the United Nations has attached from its representative, probably for the avoidance of doubt, an understanding of the scope of the agreement to be implemented, which does not include certain international crimes. Thus, category A zones will be submitted to a referendum no later than twelve (12) months after the signing of the MOA-AD. [40] [40] Category B zones, also known as “special intervention zones”, will be submitted to a referendum twenty-five (25) years after the signing of a separate agreement – the Comprehensive Compact. [41] [41] While the MOA-AD would not constitute an international agreement or unilateral statement that would bind the Philippines under international law, the defendant`s act of securing amendments is in itself a violation of the Constitution that renders the MOA-AD fatally flawed. Concerns were expressed that the MOA-AD would have a binding obligation under the philippines` international law to amend its Constitution in accordance with it, given that it could be considered a binding agreement under international law or a unilateral declaration by the Philippine government to the international community that it would grant the Bangsamoro people all the concessions mentioned therein. . . .