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Right Of First Refusal Agreement Sec

by Vasil Popovski

When Froggy refused to pay the unconditional account, the question therefore arises whether it actually exercised its right of pre-emption and concluded the contract “under the same conditions as those contained in such a purchase or rental agreement”. Lesson learned: When exercising a right of pre-emption, a condominium board must ensure that it exercises the option in good faith; Meticulously observes the statutes in force; and religiously respects the conditions of the offer to purchase of third parties. We are all familiar with the terms “option”, “right of pre-emption” and “right of pre-emption”, but is there really a difference between these terms? The applicant states that the defendants made substantial false statements by signing to him, on 25 July 2012, the communication on the exercise of the right of pre-emption. . . .