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Learning Agreement Utwente

by Vasil Popovski

The easiest way to study abroad is to participate in an exchange program. This means that you are going to a university that has a cooperation agreement with the UT. The two most important benefits are non-payment of tuition fees at the foreign university and participation in courses abroad charged to your UT degree. If you place an order, you will receive a receipt. ITC will present the necessary resources for your laptop. When you arrive at ITC, you need to sign an agreement and ITC takes care of the monthly payments of your pocket money or bank account. In the Study Abroad Database of the International Office you will find a list of all universities that have concluded a bilateral agreement with the University of Twente. Science Created by You (SCY) is a science and technology learning project for students aged 12 to 18. SCY uses the metaphor of the student as an engineer or scientist who acquires knowledge during work on a research or design project. Therefore, SCY missions (i.e. SCY learning environments) are characterized by an overall research or design objective, for example. B write a water quality report or create a CO2-friendly home. On the way to the production of the final product, students produce many types of (intermediate) results.

An example of such a result in CO2-friendly domestic emissions is a series of assumptions about the impact of measures that reduce CO2 emissions. These products, which are created in SCY missions, are called Emerging Learning Objects (ELOs). Examples of ELO types are: operational models, concept maps, datasets, assumptions, tables, summaries, reports and experimental procedures. Accomplishing SCY missions requires a combination of knowledge from different content areas (e.g. B physics, mathematics, biology and social sciences). Learners carry out different types of learning actions that can be characterized as productive (experimentation, games, sharing, explanation, design, etc.). They include multiple resources, require varying degrees of collaboration with colleagues, and use changing constellations of tools and scaffolding. Setting up a SCY lab is adaptive to the actual learning situation and advises learners on appropriate learning actions, resources, tools and scaffolding or peer learners who can support the learning process.

Four SCY missions were developed, each dealing with specific scientific content related to the creation of a specific final product. G: I`m interested in an Honours program. For more information on Master Honours programmes, please visit the website: www.utwente.nl/en/excellence/master/. Note that the selection will take place. The UT “Centre for Monitoring and Coaching” (CMC) is a research centre created in 2015 that integrates the work of 3 different key disciplines, biomedicine, ICT science and behavioural sciences, in order to create high-tech solutions to the human touch. CMC aims to explore, develop and demonstrate solutions beyond the state of the art for intelligent remote monitoring and artificial coaching and other services that help people with chronic diseases in their well-being. CMC has a specific focus and expertise in telemedicine and collaborates with a number of industrial and clinical partners to develop and improve the intelligence and reliability of eHealth systems and applications. . . .