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Java Se Bcl License Agreement

by Vasil Popovski

Starting with java version 11 (specifically JDK version 11), Java Standard Edition is no longer available under the OBCL agreement. Instead, the rights of use (and the restrictions attached to them) are subject to the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) license agreement. These programs were sold on a named User Plus and/or processor measure (Java SE Advanced Desktop was only licensed on a named User Plus-Trik) where you paid a net license and a net support fee. As of January 2019, this licensing model is no longer available. Oracle only provides its Java Standard Edition programs on a subscription basis: Java SE Subscription and/or Java SE Desktop Subscription. My recommendation, start checking the license agreement instead to see if you are compliant. This should be done before considering the need to update security or business functions. They do not ensure that Oracle JDK has been released as part of a licensing agreement. (BCL for old Java or unpatched or later Java OTN SE) Many make the mistake when they start checking the Java license, they start checking if they need security updates/support or if they have used any commercial features. Oracle has continued to offer free use of Java SE under the Oracle Binary Code License (OBCL) agreement since the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. This use was limited and free only if certain conditions were met. F.JAVA LIMITATIONS OF TECHNOLOGY.

You may not create, modify, or modify the behavior of classes, interfaces, or sub-packages that are in any way marked “java,” “javax,” “sun,” “oracle,” or other similar conventions, as set forth by Oracle in a naming convention, or that authorize your licensees to create, modify, or modify their behavior. J. THIRD PARTY CODE. Copyright notices and license terms that apply to certain parts of the software are included in the Java SE LIUM, accessible in In addition to the terms of a third-party open source/freeware license specified in the Java SE LIUM license, the disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability set forth in paragraphs 4 and 5 of the Binary Code License Agreement apply to all software in this distribution. Oracle Java SE8 updates containing oracle JRE with Java Web Start remain free for personal use, development, testing, prototyping, demonstration, and other important applications that are explained in this FAQ under the OTN License Agreement for Java SE. Personal users can continue to download Oracle Java SE 8 JRE on If you find, during the verification of the license agreement, that you are not compliant, all other activities will not be relevant. C. SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTION LICENSE. .

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