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Frame Agreement Betyder

by Vasil Popovski

While this may discourage many companies, it is important to consider the scope of the agreement and the number of contractors who secure a place. Due to the increase in the number of suppliers, framework contracts offer a greater chance of success to companies that opt for tenders and can be perfectly adapted to the formation of long-term relationships. As already said, it is likely that a framework agreement will be broken down by specific sector or activity (often in the construction industry), but many national framework agreements are divided into geographical regions and can be an important source of ongoing work for companies and the establishment of a dynamic purchasing system. Previously, all public contracts were awarded by tender, so you would simply apply for a tender and hope for the best. Today, we see that more and more public sector organizations are buying through so-called framework agreements. Stay with us. We launch another term in the mix, but it`s relevant, promised. Indeed, from a public procurement perspective, an executive is a list of pre-qualified suppliers who can apply for work around a certain group of goods, services or works – because they have all signed the framework agreement. Buyers then assign individual orders (call-offs) for the duration of the frame. So, to have a chance to sell to the public sector, you should first be listed in a framework. But to actually work with a buyer, you need to move on to the appeal phase. How to actually get to the call phase is a whole other cauldron fish that we won`t be dealing with on this blog.

However, we advise you to start planning an effective sales and marketing strategy. For example, a framework agreement might be appropriate if you provide marketing services to a regular customer who assigns you to create campaigns for different products. You must first negotiate the agreement with the other party. Then make sure that the schedule of your framework contract contains the commercial details relevant to the size of the order. Once this agreement is concluded, your customer can send requests to provide other goods and services, and you can simply respond to these requests. This means you don`t need to renegotiate a new agreement every time. . . .