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Aoa Rental Agreement 101

by Vasil Popovski

Rev 4.17 Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission E-ZPass Accord These terms and conditions of use constitute, together with the application of your E-ZPass agreement entered into and concluded by the applicant, the co-plaintiff and the lease and/or lease and/or lease agreement, and must prove the terms and conditions in which the parties whose signatures appear below. The landlord/landlord/agent (left) is designated as the owner and the tenants/tenants (left) are referred to as RESIDENT. In return for this agreement, OWNER agrees to rent/rent to RESIDENT and resident agrees to rent/rent by OWNER for use SOLELY AS A PRIVATE RESIDENCE, the premises listed left. n the Law on Demonstrations or the authorization to prohibit an article by this Agreement or, if, for whatever reason, such an object is present in the premises, the minimum rent of USD 25.00 per month for each of these items is $25.00 per month, if another amount is not indicated in this agreement. In the event of the adoption of laws or authorization to have a pet and/or nimal of any kind, an additional down payment of an amount of .- is required in conjunction with the signature of OWNERS PET AGREEMENT. . PARKING/STORAGE: When resident is assigned a car park on the owner`s land, the car park is used exclusively for the parking of passenger cars and/or vehicles registered on request of rental/rental residents. Resident is assigned #____________ parking lot. ESIDENT cannot wash, repair or paint in this parking lot or in other common areas of the site. (RESIDENT must not assign, sublet or authorize resident customers to receive any other parking.) Resident is responsible for oil leaks and other vehicle loads charged to RESIDENT for cleaning if WNER deems it necessary. Only vehicles in service are allowed to park in their affected premises.

The occupant is assigned to the storage space located. NOISE: RESIDENT undertakes not to cause or allow noises or activities on the site that could disturb the tranquillity of another RESIDENT. This noise and/or activity constitute a violation of this agreement. 0. LOITERING AND PLAY: The relaxation, play or unnecessary loiuring in the halls, on the front steps or in the common areas is so disturbed that the free use and joy, passage or comfort of another RESIDENT are disturbed. 1. DESTRUCTION OF PREMISES: If the premises are destroyed in whole or in part during the duration of this contract, which seriously impairs the use of RESIDENTS, RESIDENT r OWNER may terminate this contract immediately after three days of written notification to the other.